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Thank you for visiting our website. We created this website because our 15 year old Son was racially abused  at Clacton County High school, on his last day of school. When he participated in the traditional shirt signing a true celebration of the end of his school journey . His commemorative keepsake school shirt was turned into a constant reminder of racism in a terrible turn of events.  Some students from year 11, wrote the words " Ni**er, C**n and " Go back to the Jungle"   on the back of his shirt. 

We have now have to take action to eradicate racism.  We are determined to find the Students that wrote abusive and racist words on his back. During the traditional shirt signing. As a family we have found that the best way to eradicate racism is to promote; respect, appreciation of differences, understanding and use education to undo the misconceptions and stereotypes, unconscious and conscious  racial bias. Being proactive in eradicating it has to be better than being complicit or apathetic. Racism causes severe harm and should carry a health warning as it is dangerous. We want to continue the campaign to Eradicate Racism and we are asking for everyone , Celebrities, sports stars, Music artists, Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters, anyone please help us it should not cost you much an old Tshirt and a felt tip pen and a camera will do it! So can we all make a Love T shirt to combat the hate. Also to aid in healing for those affected by racism ..Thank you so much for taking the time out to care.

The Shirt - Love T Shirt #EradicateracismUK

We have decided to reverse the negative comments on our son's school shirt into a positive! We need your help to make a Love T Shirt that we can use to create a muriel to put on to a new school shirt for our son. So we are appealing to you to join our campaign to eradicate racism. By doing one small gesture. Create a Love Tshirt! We are asking you to write on a white T -shirt the Slogan  "Eradicate Racism". You can add a # Hashtag #EradicateRacismUK ! We would like you to create a Love Tshirt all you have to do is 

1. Get a white Tshirt and a marker pen or paints or just be creative 

2. Write a positive message on it  front and back please with the slogan #Eradicate Racism , 

3. Please  take a photograph with you wearing it 

4: Share and  post it on social media and email it to us at info@workingactiongroup.org

We will post as many as we can to our gallery also as a lasting memory. Thanks for sharing the Love!

Thank you so much for helping to Eradicate Racism!

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Thank you Sir Levi Roots -reggae reggae Sauce for your message of support.

Everyone who wrote messages and called giving support to our family. Thank you so much we appreciate it.


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What is racism and why eradicate it?

"Racism is the belief that members of a particular race possess; qualities characteristics or behaviours or abilities that render them either inferior or superior to another race. If members of a race are socialised to believe that they are more superior than another, then they are likely to perceive and treat these members in an inferior way, regardless of their; qualifications, their intellectual capabilities and their talent. This often manifests in the workplace, where those who have power and control have been socialised to believe that they are more superior than those just as capable as they are . 

RACISM + Discrimination = The scourge of society and leads to disrespect". Dr D Wilson